Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

So I FINALLY made it out of Fort Lauderdale and on to a flight destined for Cartagena. But of course the plane was full and I got assigned the rarely-coveted middle seat. Confident traveler that I am, I strode up to the boarding gate and asked to be reseated, somewhere NOT between two other passengers. She hummed and hawed, and then asked if I would like the last row… the seats don’t really recline, she said, but you can have a window or the aisle.

And then it dawned on me… if I could have both, then it meant no one was sitting there! And of course they weren’t… because if you look up the plane on seatguru.com, you’ll see those seats are marked in red, indicating they are the worst seats on the plane… so no one chooses them in this world of self-check in.

But for all the bad luck of missed connections and unexpected overnight stays… I ended up with the best seats on the plane, and the most comfortable flight of my life!



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