Feelin’ Lucky?

Kenny Rogers may have known when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em, but I’m not so confident. I also have no poker face. My entire strategy is … random.

Basically, I don’t gamble. Sure, I buy the occasional lottery ticket when the jackpot is high, and a raffle ticket here and there. But I have no skill, knowledge or strategy.

The only reason to gamble (in my opinion) is for the drinks. Because in Las Vegas, as long as you’re gambling, the drinks are free. It’s pretty good return on investment to encourage a patron to pour down bar rail vodka to keep him at the blackjack table.

Apparently the key to responsible gamble-drinking is timing. You catch the eye of a cocktail waitress, pull the slot handle, order your drink, wait for her to come back into view, pull it again, take the drink and leave a tip…and voila! Future drinks ought be forthcoming.

EXCEPT that we are such crap (and not craps) as gambling, that we lose our money before we can catch the eye of the waitress. I doubled my money on the first try — $5 became $10! — and immediately cashed out. Because I’m brave like that.

Kathy has had zero luck.

But, thanks to Kathy, we are Diamond Club members here in Vegas… and that’s all the luck we need! We got free tickets to the Eiffel Tower experience, 2-for-1 entrée at Bistro Burger (it’s National Hamburger Day, according to Good Morning America), access to the Diamond Lounge for free drinks and appetizers, front of the line access to everything… and that’s just what we’ve found so far.

So really, we’re on a roll… who’s feelin’ lucky now!

One thought on “Feelin’ Lucky?

  1. What is worse is when you order a drink…and they don’t come back!!! I’ve been stuck talking to creepy old men while waiting for my strawberry daiquiri on more than one occasion. By the way, Bellagio and Venetian have the best daiquiris on the strip…believe me…I’ve tried them all!!!


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